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Sustainable Technology

In order to deliver safe, clean, and competitive products to our customers, we continue to place emphasis on green product innovations.

As customers and consumers are now evaluating sustainability efforts to choose their supplying companies, we understand that we must develop products that outperform others while lessening their impact on the environment to deliver a competitive advantage to our customers as promised in our values. To continue to provide efficient and effective products and services to our customers, we place a strong importance on innovation and research. Our employees are recognized and rewarded for customer service, innovation, initiative, financial performance, and working as an integral part of our customers' strategies.

Read our Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

WaterWolf Dynamic Oil Recovery system

The WaterWolf™ Dynamic Oil Recovery (DOR) system is a cleaner, safer, and more affordable water treatment system. Our engineers designed WaterWolf to recover oil and remove suspended solids from produced water in a single stage of treatment without the use of chemicals. That means you can eliminate chemical costs while increasing your revenue.

Field technicians working on a WaterWolf oil recovery system

Constant Swept Volume pump

MISSION™ introduced its new Constant Swept Volume (CSV) pump in 2011 as a revolutionary technology for the seawater reverse-osmosis desalination market. The CSV pump is a positive displacement pump that, regardless of the discharge pressure, will consistently give the same delivered flow rate. With a 90+% mechanical efficiency, the CSV pump is well received among those in the market for a very high-energy efficiency pump. The pump offers a small footprint, is a quiet-running device, and was featured on the International Desalination and Water Reuse Quarterly website.

Mono Muncher minimizes ragging for United Utilities

The revolutionary TR Muncher® from Mono™ features the latest generation of twin shaft grinders and is designed specifically for the efficient treatment of abrasive sludges. The Muncher was requested by United Utilities to increase process efficiency at its wastewater treatment works in Gateworth by preventing pump blockages and minimizing downtime. The site was experiencing problems with two of its centrifugal pumps that would continually block and cause significant downtime for the site. The Muncher was able to fit at the bottom of a 4-m-deep dry well where the pumps were located.

Aqua-VES mobile water treatment system

Ask any operator in unconventional shale plays to identify one of their primary issues, and more times than not the answer will center on water. With freshwater supplies often limited, public and regulatory scrutiny increasing, and disposal options few and far between, shale operators face ever-mounting environmental and economic pressures.

The newly engineered Aqua-VES™ mobile water treatment system from our WellSite Services business unit's FluidControl group takes some of the pressure off with a technically advanced, on-location solution for treating and reusing precious water resources. Aqua-VES employs patented membrane separation technology to give operators a cost-effective option for managing frac flowback, slop water, and produced water.

The trailer-mounted Aqua-VES water treatment system is designed to process up to 10,000 B/D of liquid waste in a small-footprint configuration. What's more, because Aqua-VES relies on vibration, the robust, Teflon-coated membranes remain much cleaner than standard filtration systems, continually keeping the path clear for unrestricted flow-through of proportionally larger fluid volumes.

Monoflo Sun-Ray solar pump

The Monoflo™ Sun-Ray™ solar pump is designed to transfer surface water with the same efficiency and reliability as other Monoflo solar pumps. Available with either a stationary or GPS tracking array and ranging from 150 to 1,575 watts, the Sun-Ray pump can deliver high daily flows with discharge head pressures of 120 m. The highly efficient helical rotor pump is inherently self-priming, so the pump can be positioned up to 6 m above the water source, allowing the pump to be installed on the top of dam walls or on riverbanks above the high-water mark. The Sun-Ray pump is suitable for pumping water from springs, rivers, tanks, and dams. It is available with a floating pontoon that has been designed to safely enable the pump to float adjacent to a dam and on water. The progressive cavity (PC) pump element used in the Sun-Ray pump will deliver water with every rotation regardless of speed or sun power. No elements of the system require external electrical power or diesel-powered engines, therefore lessening its impact on the environment.

A solar panel amidst a herd of cows

Oasys desalination

NOV has entered into an exclusive agreement with Oasys Water for a new water desalination technology. Under the agreement, NOV will be the global provider of water treatment equipment and services to the upstream oil and gas industry using Oasys' patented forward osmosis desalination process. By treating frac flowback and produced water to freshwater quality, the unique treatment process allows the once-defined waste to be reused in drilling and completion activities or discharged to surface waters in areas where disposal options are limited.

Mono Solar Filtration System

The Solar Filtration System is designed to remove bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and suspended solids from water to provide safe water to remote areas. It brings together the proven Mono solar water pumping technology with GE's Ultra Filtration technology to produce a reliable, self-cleaning filtration solution. Available with either a stationary or GPS tracking array and ranging from 150 to 350 watts, these systems can produce up to 15,000 L/D. The applications include surface water treatment, hospital water supply, emergency water supply, and village water supply. The Solar Filtration System provides its own power from solar energy, eliminating the need for diesel fuel or external electrical sources. The system is easily automated to turn on or off by float switch or pressure kit. Once the clean water tank is full, the system will turn off, conserving water and reducing wear.

The system will turn itself back on again when more water is needed. By using a Sun-Sub™ or Sun-Ray pump to feed the dirty water tank, the installation requires no supplemental power.

A solar panel filtration system installed near a lake